Playing around with ways to do comic book characters in a more cartooned style and using my new coloring style. I wanted to also create more of a nighttime scene without just adding a purple filter over the colors. I like how it came out!

Midnight Tiger is owned by Ray Anthony Height.


Objectively Original

For the past few months I have been working on a personal project that I plan to launch in a few months. In the course of doing this I have come across the idea of objectively creative.

What is that?

Objectively creative is the idea of being able to honestly look at your creation, be it a comic book, a game, a script, anything you are creating on your own and putting it to the test to see if it…

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I was drawing in my sketchbook last night and sketched out Finn, Jake, and BMO in a different style and I liked it enough that I scanned it and painted it up in Photoshop. Pretty happy with how it came out.


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