Want to be an artist

Do you want to be an artist? What does that mean for you? Read my blog on how to define that.

“Sigh, I wish I could be an artist. But no one wants to hire me or even buy the things I make. Maybe I will never be an artist…”

Ever feel this way? Maybe even had this very thought go through your mind? Odds are, you have. We all have. Almost every artist and some point wonders if they will ever be an artist. But there is one thing I hope you will take from this blog…

You ARE an artist the…

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New question you guys,
It seems most people here and on the other sites I have asked, want a comic in some form.

So if I were to launch a comic, what would you like to see? Horror? Superhero? Action? Comedy? Something else? Let me know what you would like to buy from me?

Quick question to all my friends, what would you like to see from me? More than that, what would you like to buy (at a nice low rate) from me?

1: Short 8-10 page monthly comic book.
2: Full length 22 page monthly comic book.
3: Cartoon strips.
4: Art books.
5: Art videos of my work.
6: Art tutorials.
7: Prints.
8: A new pen and paper roleplay game.
9: Other (suggestions?)

Thanks so much for your input!

Rise of hate

I discuss the rise of hate as cool and why it hurts us all. Please, take a moment to read, and share.

I think we have entered the age of the hate.

My first thought was to call it the age of the hater. But I think it’s bigger than that. A hater is someone who spends all their time hating a person, place, thing, or idea, but now, even generally nice people find themselves hating something or someone on a far too regular basis. Want proof? Read any comment section on a site, almost any comment…

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For the past few days I have had my head down and really studying and learning and I wanted to share a new painting I have done and I feel like I have made a huge jump. I am still not to the place I want to be but I feel like I have taken a lot of steps toward that.


What is my art worth?

Ever wonder how to price your art when when starting commissions or freelance? Here’s a start point!

I get asked and have asked myself, what is my art worth? When you begin to take commissions or even do freelance, it becomes a huge question. How do you put a dollar amount on your art? Well over time I have learned some important elements on this and I want to share it with you.

You are NOT setting a dollar price on your art.

I know that seems contradictory, but you really are NOT setting a…

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